"Push notifications currently not available." on android app 3.2.3

When i enter notificacions screen in android app i can see the follow message “Push notifications currenly no available”. I can see current notifications list, but push don’t work.

In browser, notificacions are working correctly. I don’t see any error in nextcloud log, nor apache logs.

I’m using the follow configuration:

  • Nextcloud 14 RC1 running on custom docker image based on Ubuntu 18.04 with php 7.2.7 and apache 2.4.29.
  • Nextcloud android app 3.2.3 installed from Play store, running on stock Oneplus 6 (Oxygen OS Android 8.1 with play services)

I register user and authorize in the app without any error, and I can see the device authorizacion in the security section of my user in nextcloud.

I see the issue https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/2301, push notifications are currently working on android ?

@fracarvic they should be working for the play store version. I created an issue in the tracker: https://github.com/nextcloud/android/issues/2931

Thanks, I will follow it on github.

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@Andy what about the F-droid version? I get a notification not available message.

@tessus where do you see this message? (can you post a screenshot). Regarding true push notifications this is a limitation of f-droid since the push notifications need Google libraries which are prohibited to be used (license wise) for f-droid.

Yesterday we released 3.2.4 which fixed push notifications for the Google Play release.

@Andy ah, ok. yep, it mentioned something about Google Services. Well then, I guess I will try to install the GP version.

Thanks for the info.

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