Push notification error in Talk group chat

Nextcloud 17.0.1
Talk 7.0.2
Nextcloud Talk (android) v7.0.8
If message was send in private chat - push notification work.
After message was send in group chat with the same 2 users, push notification do not work, not in group chat or private chat.
In nextcloud log new record

[notifications] Fatal: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line

POST /<nextcloud_root>/ocs/v2.php/apps/spreed/api/v1/chat/rk3doban
from *.*.*.* by admin at 2019-12-02T11:04:36+00:100:

Neither clearing app cache or restart app or reboot phone not help.
Only delete app data and recreate account (on phone) help.

This is an old problem that is keeping me from using talk since months. Don’t know why this is still an issue.

As i found there are similar bugs #298 #1684 and they both related to #383, which one was solved on jul.
Interesting is this bug new or there are some regression in code?
Is there a way to trace where exactly this error rise?

Use info from tickets i locate problem in lib/Push.php

// Max length of encryption is 255, so we need to shorten the subject to be shorter
$subject = $notification->getParsedSubject();
$dataLength = 245 - strlen(json_encode($data));
if (strlen($subject) > $dataLength) {
	$data['subject'] = substr($subject, 0, $dataLength) . '…';
} else {
	$data['subject'] = $subject;

In this code for group chat strlen(json_encode($data)) is 275.
As i understand message size limit come from key size (for 2048 bits - 245, for 4096 bits - 502).

Is there ticket for it or i need to open new one?

i dunno if there’s a ticket… you might already know better yourself because you already seem to have researched that issue on GH. so if you think there’s none like this why not filing an issue on GH?
someone will take care of it and then let you know about if it’s a double-posting or a valid and worthy discovery you made above.

could i ask you one thing…? would you please post a link to the new issue here so that we would have a reference about it here on the forum? it will solve the thread… at least here since there was nothing more that we could do here…


Issue #497

Problem solved with patch from issue #496.

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That’s still a problem! I cannot introduce “nextcloud talk” because of this error. If we want to replace WhatsApp, Signal, Telegam, etc. we have to get stable minimum standards working.