Push (not publish) a document for separate editing to users (home schooling)


I am setting up a NC instance for the home-schooling-situation.


  • a teacher creates a document in OO with tasks and input-boxes answers
  • the kids get the document (each) and edit it online
  • the teacher can watch the results

How to do that?

  • Creating a doc and sharing it would mean everyone will edit the same doc
  • copy/pasting the document into 22 Kid-specific folders is also not good


  • Forms would be an idea, but it is hardly usable
  • Polls don´t offer multiple questions in one poll and answers can be seen by all

I like the OnlyOffice Idea but any suggestion how this could be achieved?

Thank you,

A “half-solution”…
Nextcloud 18 (with File Lock app installed) and OnlyOffice

Create a Group Folder.
Put the document inside and lock it (extend the 30-min default lockup period)
Everyone in the group can open it but is forced to save as a copy…

If copies are saved into the same location as the (locked) original, it is readable by others.
If copies are saved to users’ own space/folder, it has to be shared with admin…

Google forms.

Never tested it, but I wonder if you could use flows.

When the teachers moves a file in a specific folder, the files is copied all the directories of the single students. Each student has his/her own copy of the file in a directory shared with him/her.
Maybe, if possible, you could do also the second passage: when a student tags the file as “done”, the same file is copied back in another directory with a name change that says which student did it…