Push Nextcloud Client Updates from Nextcloud Server

Hello everyone.

Is it possible that we can activate Push Client Installs from our Nextcloud server so that the server admin can only enable new client updates once they have been tested thoroughly.

We experience a whole load of issues with Desktop Client Updates that was not tested properly causing havoc for ALL our users as updates happen automatically.

For example the latest 3.11.1 client breaks file locks. The files lock when opened, but never unlocks. Then no one can work on those files until manually unlocked.

It would be so nice if the server admin can enable an update on the server where the clients connects and only if there is a new client install, then the update should happen for Desktop Clients.

No that’s not possible with Nextcloud. In order to that you would need some kind of centralized endpoint management and software deployment solution.

However, it is possible to prevent automatic updates for the desktop client, but this has to be done manually on each client machine unless you are running some sort of centralized endpoint management and software deployment solution that can take care of this.

The functionality you’re talking about is more on the enterprise-side of things. You’re basically talking about a branded + pre-configured for your environment client build. The end result you’re seeking is possible[1].

In theory you could roll it on your own too, with all the source code, but that would be a major PITA.

[1] Nextcloud Enterprise pricing