Purpose of preset ignored files


i’ve got a question regarding the list of ignored files.
I recognize some of them but I’am no expert. Sometimes some of our teams
applications run (I persume) into some trouble with temporary Files or lock-Files. I just wanted to ask if there is a list available that shows the individual purpose of each of ignored files presets. I just want to know what they mean so that I can decide on my own which of them should be ignored.

There is the file with the list on github:


With the blame function you can see, when the part of the files was changed for the last time. The corresponding commit often explains why a certain file was added.

However the lock happens on files that are synced, e.g. if you have an application that creates a temporary file all the time in a synced folder and the clients tries to keep up by updating all the changes, you might want to add this file to the exclude list.

Brilliant, thank you very much