Purchasing recommendation - pre-configured server

Hello there!
I’m new to Nextcloud and would like to start using it.
For a first and simple start I am considering buying a pre-configured box, as I actually would need to buy new hardware anyways.
Can you recommend some specific alternatives?
My use case will be:
Files: <500GB total (Yearly growth: 5%)
Sync: ~10GB/month ~peak days ~2GB
Encryption: yes
Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Keeweb

If there already exists such a section on this forum or a well documented blog or similar out there, I haven’t found something on a lower level than deploying recommendations and setup instructions/tutorials/how-tos…I’m more interested in a as out-of-the-box as possible solution.

Thanks everyone and I hope to meet you all around here again.


something like this, maybe? --> https://nextcloud.com/box/

1: check - 1 TB
2: only depending upon your personal up/downlink
3: check
4: check, check, check, check

only obstacle: it could happen that you won’t get anymore of those :frowning: - and if you’ll be happy to get one, still: they work with a rp3 as well and i’d run a nextcloudpi-image on it (rather than the snapversion that is/was delivered with it)

Hey Jimmy! Thanks. Yeah, availability is indeed the problem. Could not find it where I need it: Germany/Europe.
Are there any viable alternatives?
(1) https://www.amazon.de/Nextcloud-Box-Celeron-N3050-2GB/dp/B01MUG6H6S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516374569&sr=8-1&keywords=nextcloud
(2) https://www.amazon.de/Server-Stromspareffekt-leistungsstark-Metallgeh%C3%A4use-vorkonfiguriert/dp/B01LYF8VG5/ref=pd_sbs_147_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01LYF8VG5&pd_rd_r=YA7HBPQGJESYET60N9PN&pd_rd_w=84GBH&pd_rd_wg=9wOHc&psc=1&refRID=YA7HBPQGJESYET60N9PN

Thanks again!

in general there’s a pretty discussion going on here on where to run NC on the cheapest available hardware.
i dunno about your environment… if you already have a server running or how much bucks you’re willing to spend on new hardware…

but i can promise you that NC is usually quite easy to install. if you’d decide upon a standalone-version (hardware) why not trying setting it up on a rp3. all you need would be an rp3, a sd-card, a powerconnector and an external (usb)hd. it’s really easy flashing the nextcloudpi-image to your sd-card, entering this one into your rp3 and then give it a run.

nextcloud box would have put all of the mentioned hardware (except rp3) into a nice box. nutting more.

give ist a try. will cost you around 100-120 €, i guess (depending upon the hd you’re gonna use) - rp3 should be around 35€, a case for it ca 5-10€, a sd-card (4gb would be enough around 7€… so there you go.

i can’t tell you anything about the ones from your links.

thanks for that detailed answer!
Your encouraging words let me abandon the fixation on the out-of-the-box idea. I bought a RP3 and will learn eagerly.

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yaaay. you’re gonna find the news downloadable ncp (nextcoudpi)-image and some very helpful hints here:

good luck.

and don’t hesitate to ask if you’ll be facing problems