Publicly Shared Files


I have a folder in which i upload files and then share them publicly. Each file has its own public link and the folder is not shared. However, i was unable to delete or even rename that specific file by accessing it through the public link although i had “allow editing” checked.

Using Nextcloud’s interface its obvious that it’s not possible, so what might be a good workaround to achieve those operations?

For sharing within Nextcloud (user to user), if you rename the shared object (e.g.), it is only renamed for you (you just rename the link). If you allow this, only files within this folder can be renamed. You could see it as if the names of files belong to a folder. And in certain cases it makes sense because imagine you would allow renaming, how would you handle the case if there is already a file of that name? If you throw an error, everybody knows that you have a file of that name in this folder.

In your case, you could use a separate folder for each file. If the permission settings are not sufficient, you can use other storage backend (per SFTP, NFS etc. they could be on the same host) and the permission settings of this external storage.

Thank you for your reply.

I thought about uploading each file in a separate folder that is publicly shared, however I don’t think it’s practical.
There should be a way for users who access the file’s link to delete that file. The same way its done when deleting files inside a publicly shared folder.

Using the WebDav operations, i was able to update a publicly shared file even though that’s not possible using the interface.