Public sharing using a public nextcloud?

is there a way to share a document hosted oa private nextcloud to the public using a public nextcloud instance ?

Ideally I would like to let users store their document using a private instance inside the firwall, but from time to time they will need to collaborate with other people. For that ideally they will use a public instance for it. Is there any feature like this? Should I use the federation for it? I’m looking for the good pattern to do it :slight_smile:

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Check out the federated sharing. If the two clouds can see each other, you can share files to a user on the “public” cloud and there you can create a public link. Fileaccesscontrol app might be interesting as well to restrict certain things.

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Yes it is possible with Federation But because the “public nextcloud” uses a Federation-ID from the “private nextcloud” and WebDAV to the “private nextcloud” the “private nextcloud” must be accessable from the internet and minimal from the “public nextcloud” (e.g. use firewall) to restrict source hosts). Also you need in an internal network e.g. DynDNS and/or Port-Forwarding to access from internet.