Public share via webdav?

Nextcloud version 11.0.3:

I created a shared folder which is writable by the public - this part works nicely. What I’m now wondering is, if someone (without an account!) can now mount this directory via WebDAV?

I didn’t find any examples or documentation on this use-case. Is this possible? If so, how can I mount the directory?

Isn’t there some “add this to your Nextcloud” hint at the top of the shared links page? At least I was able to do that some weeks ago, when a friend shared an image gallery folder via link from some ownCloud instance.

Just try it by sharing a link to yourself :D.

Interesting Idea. I just tried it, but it didn’t work. My ultimate goal is, to have some simple WebDAV-Client push stuff into that directory.

I navigated a different browser to the public share link and clicked “add to your nextcloud” which reveals an entry field for username and servername. But the exchanged data does not result ina webdav capable URL.

Does anyone else have an idea?

I’m bumping this topic, because I have found yet another use case for public share webdav (or sync client) acces:

I would like to use it to manage a digital signage display. “admins” toss files into a share, where the signage display has read-only access to.

No info on topic, but interested what digital signage solution you where looking at?