Public share of folder or notes links to sms are not being sent

I’ll post a link to experiment but the question about dynamic vs static public ip is because my links are blocked by the recipients provider as far as I can tell.

This question is NOT about if you send nextcloud links but the fact that the link you posted to the pool image is something I can send via sms and all the recipients do indeed receive the link which is similarly formatted nextcloud same as mine would be.

So the question is what is different ?
Links are formatted the same, domain is certainly different but what is it about your domain vs mine that is getting blocked ?

I use namecheap as a registrar and also hosting nextcloud myself but on a dynamic residential IP.

This is the only thing that I can see would be different.
I will experiment as I said and purchase a vps with static IP but use the same exact domain registrar to attempt to confirm this.

I don’t know if success will actually confirm this but it will at least be suspect at the very min.

I see no reason why your links would not be blocked while mine are all blocked including down right simple domain link etc.

In theory it should not be blocked for any reason if I can copy everyones nextcloud shares and send to my friends but not my own.

Without the providers posting or telling me directly I have no way to know but I think some experimenting might provide more information at least.

OH one more thing if anyone has nextcloud links to share that I might share with 3 others friends to confirm that they also received them, this could help too with the experiment too.


This is what I think too but what else can it be. Everyone else that I have seen post nextcloud links to shares seem to work when passing them on to others. Work meaning delivered to the recipient or received by the recipient.

Here is a shared image from my nextcloud
It likely should work for you posted here. However, receipt by sms recipients is not the case. You could also try sending this link to a recipient for testing to see if they receive it as well.

I see nothing unusual about the link itself as far as I can tell.

What does the Nextcloud forum have to do with sending SMS messages via any phone provider?

How does that help you? Then you know whether your message gets blocked from most likely two completely diffrent phone providers in a diffrent country. We don’t even know where you from and which providers are involved. What might help you is to ask someone who uses the same phone provider as you do to send the message to someone who uses a different phone provider than the one your recipients use. But then you still only know that your recipients’ provider is blocking the messages, but not why.

I posted links to several articles which should give you insight what could cause the issue. But only the phone provider who blocks the message can tell you why it is actually getting blocked. Maybe they block messages that contain links with a certain tld. Maybe they block messages with links in general and keep allow lists for their bussiness customers. Maybe they use some A.I. that is looking for certain patterns in messages… How can we possibly know that? Ask your phone provider and the providers of your recipients if you want to know for sure why your messages are getting blocked.

This question is sort of a repost of my initial post. This is the question isn’t it ?
Does nextcloud shares have any issue with sms blocking that might be specific to nextcloud shares or is this a phone provider that is blocking it.

I agree with your question actually. I’m actually trying to find this out myself.

However, after some subsequent responses and some more thought it seems to me that it’s not related to nextcloud at all but something else.

I didn’t know this at the time but essentially this was actually part of my question as well.

The answer appears to be NO that nextcloud links should not be blocked simply because of the format of the text itself or anything do to with nextcloud directly.

So I have my answer about that as far as I can tell. The articles posted were helpful in that they explained why they might or could be blocked which of course is not related to nextcloud directly either but yet helpful for future reference.

Thanks for the response and I understand your question here and the responses have sort of clarified this part for me already.

I want to thank everyone for the responses and I think this helps me conclude at the minimum that nextcloud share links and the way their formatted are not responsible for the lack of delivery of the links in sms messages but something not related to nextcloud.

I am sorry to carry on about this but it was not until I got the responses and further thought on the subject that I realized that it’s not related to nextcloud at all.

I will research more about this and I am quit sure it’s related to the domain registrar, the domain name itself, and/or the fact that I’m using a residential IP.

All links via sms work all the time from my phone to anyone and have never had issue except sending links from my own domain pointing to my own server. This is puzzling for sure.

2 things I can try to confirm this.
Purchase a new domain with different TLD and point to my server.
Purchase a new domain with different TLD from a different registrar and point to my server.
Purchase a vps with static public ip and use my existing TLD to point to the new vps server.

With this I would be able to determine if it’s the TLD, the registrar or the IP causing the problem.

OR perhaps even the domain records themselves might be the next step perhaps.
Thanks all

Updated and not related to nextcloud confirmed.

I changed the server and/or location of the what the domain was pointing to and I can point it to almost anywhere except for my own server.

If I point the domain and/or noip to my IP the link will be blocked by the recipients phone provider. NOT every provider mind you but almost all. I have contacted some friends on my friends list to help me test with various providers.

It is confirmed that the domain link either or sub domain can and does go through sms messages if it points to any other IP other then my own IP / server.

This is darn strange I have to guess that the residential public facing IP is in a particular range that can be blocked by phone providers.

Everything else is the same. In fact a dead link with no endpoint also goes through on phone services even if it doesn’t go to anywhere. Of course the link doesn’t work but it does get delivered.

So this is absolutely confirmed to be related to my IP for whatever reason.