Public share links not copying to clipboard the first time

Hi. We have two users (one on Windows 11 and one on MacOS) who are using the Desktop Client with shell integration. Recently the users are both reporting that when they right click on a file, then select Nextcloud —> Copy public link, they first time they do it the share link is not copied to the clipboard. When they go back to do it the 2nd time, then the share link is copied. I confirmed this problem myself.

We are all using the latest Desktop Client (3.3.6). Our server is self hosted, version: 22.2.3

We’ve been using NextCloud for about 4 yrs now and never had this problem in the past. We’ve created hundreds of share links using the desktop client shell menu feature. It’s wonderful feature, but super-annoying if it doesn’t copy the first time.

Any idea if this is just a bug in the system, or if there is something on our server that I might be able to check? As I mentioned before, sharing links work fine in general.

One thing I just discovered using the web interface, if I go and create a public Share link there, right when I click the “+” icon, for about 5 seconds, the copy to clip board icon has a tooltip message saying “Cannot copy, please copy the link manually”. That eventually goes away and then it says “Copy to clipboard”. My guess is that there is some delay for creating the share links and desktop app has no idea it’s not ready yet.