Public link becomed Direct Link after updating file on an server after migration/update

I’ve searched multiple different ways and come up empty handed on anyone else running into this issue, so sorry if it’s already been addressed and I missed it. Having just finished a major migration from OwnCloud, and then upgrading through a few iterations to NC14, I’ve come across an anomaly and am wondering if others have seen this issue.

I can see that preexisting publicly shared files are downloadable by the general public. These files say that they have been shared by USER, but do not have the Share box checked. The Activity tab shows that they have been downloaded after the migration/upgrades. The download link has the format of:

However, for one file, when the preexisting link is clicked the public is presented with a login page. Logging in with a user who has the correct file privileges takes the user to the file in question. Looking at the Activity history of the file in question, it appears that the file was replaced with a newer version after the migration/upgrades.

Looking at the Direct Share link, it is the preexisting link in the format of:
Ticking the Share box, the new Public share link has a different format of:
(Note the /f/ versus the /s/ directory difference.)

Utilizing the new Public share link operates the way one would expect a public share to work, without authentication. However, that means that everyone who has the old links can no longer access the publicly available share once the file is updated.

Any ideas?

I have the same issue, can’t longer share anything via public link via web page. Public link sharing is still works via desktop app