PST and OST files sync

Many of my customers ask if we can sync .PST and .OST files in Nextcloud when the MS Outlook is in use. I am testing the same, but am unable to understand whether the sync works or not as I have a pretty big .OST file.Can anyone tell me?

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In theory PST/OST files could be synced by NC Client Software though this is not useful because of their size (many GB) and Outlook needs them while open and is locking these files. SO no sync could be done when working.

Syncing PST files is IMHO the worst and most painful attempft for syncing emails between devices. It’s so 1990! Use proper IMAP server or at least an Exchange Server, but do not try to sync file-based PST/OST files.

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Hello everybody.
I´m from 1994, so it´s a old relict of my childhood to use POP3. Well there I had only one device/computer and I´m using Outlook (nearly since beginning in using computers). There I like the feature, that you can flag emails there and the reminder will remind you the flagged emails. It´s really perfect for business.
But now it´s not 1990 anymore, it´s 2018.

Now I got 2 Computers and some smart devices (phone, …, …). I started using only one computer for my emails. Thats not really smart. In todays times we are conditioned to use all stuff while we are on the go. So Synchronisation is the word of 21st century.
Very much people are using imap now. But I never identified with it, because of the missing features of Outlook.
I used since my childhood an email adress by GMX and it´s free for me all the years. Now when I work more on mails, I want to combine synchronisation with the features of Outlook. But I never thought about it, to use Exchange service, because it´s more for business people rather then private people. Has got anybody find a way to use Outlook features with synchronisation (IMAP)? Or how much will it cost to rent/buy exchange server? I don´t want to give huge amounts of money, because it´s only for me and why I should pay for sth. thats not “new” for me (costless GMX).

Maybe someone can give me some good tips to improve my email experience. :wink:

If you really really like Outlook so much (which features actually?) then you could get an account with any of these “hosted exchange” providers that allow you to use Exchange Activesync to connect with your Outlook. If you want to selfhost an Outlook compatible Open Source Groupware then maybe Kopano or Zimbra or Kolab could be the right choice for you.

Syncing PST files is just a sure way to suffer from data loss I would say.

I love this flagging. In IMAP it´s impossible, because all is server side. In POP3 is all onedirectional, so there it is possible, but it will be saved locally.

Whats your suggestion? Now I have only Raspberry Pi 3 and everything is working, but not perfect. I´m looking forward to a higher system, but for now I´m satisfied with it. This is the only thing whats annoys me about my internet experience.
So will it be possible that my small Rpi is handling such big open source software like Kopano or Zimbra?
Otherwise do you know a cheap service with exchange? Located in EU, maybe German or Switzerland?