PSA: App Install Permissions Error

Just an FYI for people who run into something having to do with the following error when installing an app (this example is the group_folders app):

An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1005 Can't create table 'nextcloud'.'oc_group_folders' (errno: 13 "Permission denied")

Specifically the “(errno: 13 "Permission denied")” part, when trying to install an app. It tends to show up under the “Download and Install” button colored bright yellow in the interface.

It is a database error. It means for some reason the nextcloud user in he database has no permissions to create a table.

For MySQL, Open the MySQL command line (wherever it’s installed) with:
mysql -p
Enter your password.
Then run the following:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON nextcloud.* TO 'nextcloud' IDENTIFIED BY '<yourpassword>';

Hopefully that helps some people. I could not find anything having to do with this error online, so I am posting it here.