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Hi sorry for the mess of this message but i’m new and i’m learning how to write in this community, I have an issue using nextcloud behind a proxy for the internet connectivity.

The problem is this, to make nextcloud be able to download app, search for update etc I have insert into /var/www/html/nextcloud/config/config.php the ‘proxy=> XXXXXXXXX’ statement and it made the work.

Now I have installed collabora and I have to comment the proxy statement to avoid my nextcloud to send the traffic to collabora troughout the proxy server (and in this case don’t work).

As workaround now i activate the proxy setting in maintenance windows but I would like to kwon if there is some better way to fix the problem.

Thanks a lot

Maybe someone else has a better idea, but as far as I know you can redirect connections with iptables. I don’t know how, as I’m not an iptables expert and I would need to consult the docs but just wanted to mention it.

Hi !

Did someone found a solution to this problem ?
I’m also faced to this situation with my both server (nextcloud & collabora) in the same network, behind a HTTP(S) proxy. I cannot choose to switch between enable/disable proxy from the config.php file.