Providers with News support?

Are there any providers that offer News as a service? None of the ones listed on Nextcloud’s site going by the icons seem to support News.

While I could buy a mSATA and serial cable to try to setup Nextcloud off my router, it doesn’t seem worth the effort of setting up the HW and routing for when all I want is just a centralized sync point for RSS feeds that respects my privacy. Proprietary options I’ve seen like Feedly aren’t an option because of their privacy invasive policies, not to mention anti-democracy stance they took recently. Just want to use Nextcloud News to sync up my Librem5, Android, and Linux PCs’ RSS reads.

I think most providers avoid it since it tends to eat up resources when many users have lots of feeds.

Have you considered a hosted version of freshrss or miniflux or ttrss if that is all you need?

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I have not, but these seem the solution to the problem I was looking for w/o the overhead of boilerplate Nextcloud stuff I won’t use, much appreciated!

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You can buy a Managed Nextcloud with the option to install apps from appstore. Ask the providers for supported apps. But i think you must pay for it.

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Yeah, it looks like there are one or two vendors like Hetzner that offer something like Nextcloud + installable apps over a 1TB+ drive for 5 euro / month which seems decent if one wants to go the Nextcloud route: Storage Share

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