Prototype Fund round 10 starting, get up to 47.500 euro for your Nextcloud idea!

The Prototype Fund, which already supported a variety of cool Nextcloud, is having another run! So, do you have a great idea for an open source project but no time to build it on your free time? Always wanted to build a Nextcloud app but don’t know how to get funding to get started? The Prototype Fund is calling for applications, giving you the possibility to raise up to 47.500 Euro, and (finally) focus on building your open source project for 6 months.

Pushing digital social innovation

The Prototype Fund aims to support individuals and small teams in building innovative open source solutions around the topics of civic tech, data literacy, security and software infrastructure. Any projects that fit these criteria are welcome, whether they are related to the main topic of the round or not, as long as they are open source and innovative. You can apply for the current round of funding on

The Prototype Fund will fund a developer or a small team for half a year. As the project is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research, in order to be eligible for funding, at least one member of the team needs to live in Germany (citizenship doesn’t matter!).

Want to know more? The Prototype Fund team will present their project and tell you more about how to get funding for your open source project at the Nextcloud Conference, so come ask questions there!

Build on Nextcloud

Being the most popular self-hosted application platform, Nextcloud is great to build a new solution on. The most downloaded apps on our store are installed on over 100.000 servers and have millions of users, providing a big impact for a new app or idea!

Nextcloud is also relatively easy to develop for, with extensive documentation and hundreds of existing apps to look at and get inspiration from. As is extremely scalable and can run on anything from a Raspberry Pi to a large cluster with millions of users, there are no limits to who can benefit from the result of your work.

So do you have an idea on how to detect and block the spread of misinformation on decentralized social networks? Found a way to security prove identities and distribute those proofs? Ideas about how citizens could monitor their government and how they could pool resources and analyze knowledge obtained that way?

You can find out about the Prototype Fund round 10 here and get started with Nextcloud development here.

Nah, submitted an idea but I had to lie about my wohnort…

Given that it is a government-paid fund and lawyers will look at it etc, lying about where you live is pointless - you will have to submit proof of residence etc before you get money, so that just means it will fail later in the process :wink:

If you can’t fulfill the requirements, there’s not much you can do… Sorry!