Protection of WebDAV networkfolders / networkressoursses

Hi everyone,

today i would like some advise on how to protect the access to nextcloud via webdav as a networkshare
(desciped in the documentaion )
My current “challanges” are the topics of preventing uploading malware (viruses and so on) and even more important : protecting the shares from ransomeware - attacks.

While we have some apps for protection while using the official clients, the “native” integration isn’t protected at all and i haven’t figured out a way to deny users to attach there nextcloudressources via webdav.

So anyone has some ideas or best-practices on how to deal with this topic ?

I think it is not possible.
WebDAV uses the web url “remote.php” which is also used in Nextcloud.
Read this.

Thanks for the link. I stumbled upton this beforehand - basically the reason i started this thread as i would like to hear if some further measures then to “accept the risk” and rely on the the nextcloud file versioning and off course- backup’s are out there. :blush: