Protection folder

There is the possibility to locally protect some folders in nextcloud as read only

Locally you means in OS level? Set it with chmod 550.

Or you means Locally inside of Nextcloud? Then you can use File Access Control App.

Thanks for the reply. In your opinion, through the nextcloud workflow, is there the possibility to temporarily disable write access for a single folder also for the admin user?

This will not allow anybody to writ to this folder/files on your OS Level.

The “admin user” in the Nextcloud (e.g. admin) is also a “normal” user in Nextcloud and has no access to user files.
In linux it makes no sense to change something (e.g. chmod 550 or the chown) to disable access.

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I read question again, and yes, you can do this for any user. Only case that Admin can disable this protection via Admin Settings.

Also you should not install the app impersonate for changing from admin to another user.