Protect download - Nextcloud 24.01

I’ve installed 2x Nextcloud, both 24.01, both times trying to lock the same file.
The difference.
During the first installation, the download ban works (button is hidden AND the right mouse button is blocked) and there is also a note here see picture
With my other Nextcloud 24.01 installation, this notice is missing and I don’t know how I can do it… so that the right mouse button is also blocked and the notice comes. And yes, it’s the exact same file.

Sure, under Sharing there is the option “Allow editing”, but that’s turned off for both shares, so it’s not marked, unfortunately I don’t know what to do next
Who knows advice and has a tip?

Greetings Holger

Hello Holger,

I removed your attachment because it contains personal data.
Please upload a new one and grey out all sensitive data.