Proposal for tag folders


I am interested in a better tagging experience which includes some form of hierarchical tagging. I have seen other feature proposals for hierarchical tagging, but not yet the way I see it.

My proposal would be to have the option to have so-called “tag folders”. These are just normal folders, anywhere in the folder structure. However, they are of type “tag folder”. This typing could be implemented using a hidden file (ie. .tagfolder) in the back-end. Visually it could have a different folder icon or an emblem on the folder. This attribute can be set in the details pane of the folder, but only if the folder is empty.

You can still add tags to these folders and you should. But, because of the fact this folder is a “tag folder”, it will work different: instead of have this folder tagged with these tags, if will have, as content, all the objects that are tagged sing these tags. The folder itself is read-only for normal file operations. The only operation allowed is to create new child folders which will automagically become “tag folders” without tags on them.

The content of a “tag folder” will be all the objects that have the tag-folder’s tags. This way you have:

  1. Dynamic folders with tagged content (that plays nicely with the workflow system btw)
  2. A possibility to have a hierarchy of tagged objects (anywhere you see fit)
  3. Because of the separation of tags and their hierarchy using tag-folders you do not get a tag explosion: only the “leaves” are tags.
  4. Fairly easy implementation using basic POSIX semantics. Different front-end clients can browse this without any change. All magic happens at the back-end.

There are probably a lot of corner cases that I do not see now. I currently see only one: if a normal folder is included in a tag folder based on it’s tags, do we show all it’s content, regardless of tags?

I am curious what the Nextcloud community thinks of this proposal.

Thank you!