PROPFIND Reply is not XML Formatted

That is indeed an interesting error but I suspect it’s not one directly applicable to the PROPFIND errors. There should be errors getting generated when your client syncs.

This wasn’t you by chance was it was it?

the OP wasn’t me, the last reply was me.
During syncing there were no errors on the server side. Only on the client side which shows PROPFIND Reply is not XML Formatted

It is highly repeatable for me. Turn on HTML/2 the issue appears when there’s large amounts of data to be sync. If the sync is completed. Just single small files will be fine. If a PC hasn’t been turned on for a while eg: colleague went on few days leave, the error will come back when he returns to sync the work that is missing. Switch back to HTML /1.1, everything syncs perfectly.

yeah this one that’s been bugging me for a while. been trying to solve it but got limited time and skills to do so. Since it didn’t bother with operations. I left it there.