Projects? But how?


I see alot of references to Projects in Deck, Talk, Files etc but I can’t find a way to create a project. There does not seem to exist nd app called “Project” and I cant find a way to create a project anywhere else.

How do i create a project so I can assign it to files, chats, decks etc?

Hey, projects is a Nextcloud core feature and doesn’t require any app to be installed.

For example in the Deck app just open a card, so the sidebar pops out and then click:

In the dialog, choose a second item, and well, then you immediately have your first project :slight_smile: (the name of the project will be the title of the card you started with - but you can change this later).

So, now you can go to Files app (or another app that supports projects) and in the Details sidebar at the tab “Sharing” you can “Add to project” -> simply start typing the title of the very first card to find your project and add a file to this project.

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Also see here for the official documentation:


Thanks for your reply. The thing is that dialog only search for existing projects, it does not let me add a new one.


It seems like the Talk integration is not completely finished yet and one is only able to add Talk rooms to already existing Projects.

Can you try to create the Project from another item, like on a File? You should see this menu:


After creating the project you should be able to select it from within your Talk room.

Please consider to open an issue in the repository of the Talk app.