Prohibit 2 users from editing the same file

It is possible to have a locking mechanism like dropbox so that prohibits 2 users from editing the same file at the same time ? The file should be read only for the other user.

Well this is somewhat problematic as it does not scale. What if somebody opens a file closes their laptop and goes away for the weekend?

Also what if somebody synced the file to their desktop. We have no control over what happens there.

A regular fileserver also marks the file as read only. It can have the same problems as you describe, but still, the feature exists.

A long as the client is online, it’s possible.
If there is no feedback from the client for 5 min the lock could be removed.

The main difference between Nextcloud and a network storage is that you have a synced copy of the file on your computer. You don’t need to be connected to the server all the time, changes will be synced back to the server once you are online again.

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