Problems with switching from master branch to 10RC tag

Hi there,
yesterday i updated my masterbranch, sadly, for a short moment, i forget that master means develop on nextcloud.
So i landet on nextcloud 11a, which is at least a compatibility problem for many apps.

Well, as i switched to the git repo as an alternative for the broken updater, i also forgot the tags for a short moment, so the clouds version number is But i wich to switch to the current release candidate and don’t wanna stay on develop. The last update was …maybe… two weeks ago?
And the release candidate is on

I only have usuable database backup for mentioned snapshot (the the older one is maybe too old, not sure), i guess i updated on the day where the security fix came out (.53) and i don’t saved the nextcloud folder. I just did a git pull after backing up the database.

Maybe someone has an idea about my my options, would be awesome. :smiley:

kind Regards

Downgrades are not supported. Updates often change the database structure, so there is no easy way to undo this (even if you manage to do it, there is a risk you’ve forgotten something that will break your setup later).

Only thing I could think of, stop updating now and wait for the final NC 11-release. It should be possible to install it manually. Then only keep the stable releases and do testing on a independent setup.