Problems with NGINX (NPM) , Working on LAN but not from Internet

Ive been working with this all day and I cant find a definitely answer to this problem.

I hope i can provide enough information for you do diagnose.

  • I have Nginx Proxy manager setup and directed to a Turnkey Linux NextCloud VM
  • I have been able to create an ssl certificate on NPM.
  • When I type in the IP address of the server inside my network it works fine. It directs to a secure nextcloud login
  • When I access it from outside my network I get “cant establish a secure connection”

Im not sure where to look anymore.

  • Ive added ‘trusted_proxies’ in the config.php
  • Ive added both the ip and the dns for the server to config.php

im sure this has something to do with nextcloud not using the ssl cert from npm but i dont know how to fix that.

if you need to see any files let me know