Problems with

I’m new to nextcloud and I chose for holding my files.
After signing in I’ve expected an email to confirm my account that never came.
Instead that after I uploaded some files I received an email telling me that my account is disabled because I didn’t confirmed my account!!!

I sent them an email telling that this is my email and I wanted to regain access to my files.
They didn’t answered.

Here is their email and my answer:

Your Nextcloud account has been disabled because it was not verified in time.

Please contact your provider for further assistance.

This is my answer:

Dear sirs,
there was no email requesting verification
Please give me access again.

Filippos ...

The only party who can help you is

Check you spam folder for such confirmation emails.

There was no spam at all.
Mail never sent to me and my account is still disabled even after my email.
I think that this is happening for a reason and many other will have the same problem.

Please explain your “mysterious” thought, please.

Do other have the same problem?
Can you help me regain my access to account?

Can anybody else help?

I think nobody will be able to help you here as this is not a support forum from

But hey, there are enough other Nextcloud Provider. Pick another one.

same problem at this thread -->

all i can say: get in touch with the provider… maybe calling them was a nice idea?!

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Thanks, I’ll do.
I also wrote this to help other not to make the same mistake

I’m wondering how can the disabled account email sent to me and the confirmation email didn’t.
And why, after I sent them, from my email address, a requesting email, there was no answer to that.
(I’d already checked my spam folder twice)

Tried to enroll to another provider was with no success due to already subscribed to with message Error: User already exists

Okay I’ve managed to use another provider.
I won’t recommend

i understood what you meant… and i really can’t tell you what goes around their minds, i’m afraid.

that would solve the case, i think

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In a way …

Thank you for your kind help

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Im sorry to hear this.
I recommend They have collabora online, onlyoffice without edits bug and 8g storage. For example, Cloudamo have implemented the not safe version of OnlyOffice.

You can directly ask questions here on the official site on the bottom right corner in “send us message” (its not a robot, I tried) .

I dont know why you are using Nextcloud but think about Syncthing as alternative :wink:

Thanks for your answer but I wrote my experience with and it’s really a pity because I saw all that extra they offer.
Maybe this would make them better or make new users like me more cautious.

I have got a free account on Tab.Digital (-> ).
Because i had problems i wrote at the beginning an email and i got an answer.
Nice service. 8 GB for free hosted in the netherlands.

After 10 days I’ve gained access to my account