Problems with code integrity?

I am running Owncloud V8.2.6 and if I want to upgrade it looks like I would have to do a manual upgrade to V9.

As I had experienced problems doing a new, clean install of OC 9 I decided to try installing a clean version of Nextcloud.

I am on a shared host and after uploading the files the installation appeared to go OK.
However once complete I noticed some issues ;

  • There is an error message which says “There were problems with the code integrity check. More information…”
  • Although importing a calendar appears to work OK (not fully tested yet) I cannot seem to import any contacts. The import process returns no errors and just sits with the wheel spinning. Also clicking the ‘Add Contact’ button does nothing - no input boxes pop up.

So these are the issues so far - anyone any views, comments or suggestions?

NB - I am using a shared hosting service so cannot run any scripts to troubleshoot or sort out any issues.


Did you start with a new database or did you re-use the database from 8.2.6? If you re-used the same db connection, I think you will need to run the “occ upgrade” command (which you may not be able to do as you’ve mentioned you have no shell access"

Have a look at This has been reported and I believe there are a couple of issues open on github around this:


Another thing to look at is the new updater script here:

Thanks TC.

I will have a look at your links in detail later today.

In the meantime it seems to me that the 2 issues I have may be totally unrelated - but not being a coder I could be wrong.

The installation is completely new. I created a new database and used the the latest install package downloaded from the NC downloads page.

The 'integrity error information says : -

  • core
      • core/doc/admin/_sources/configuration_files/collaborative_documents_configuration.txt
      • core/doc/admin/_static/img/note_pencil.svg
      • core/doc/admin/_static/img/warning.svg
      • core/doc/admin/_static/style.css
      • core/fonts/LICENSE.txt
      • core/vendor/jquery-migrate/jquery-migrate.js
      • core/vendor/jquery-migrate/jquery-migrate.min.js
      • core/vendor/jsTimezoneDetect/jstz.js
  • files_texteditor
      • js/vendor/ace/src-noconflict/mode-diff.js
  • files_external
      • 3rdparty/Dropbox/API.php

I’m not sure why it would report this problem as the files were those included in the download.

There are no errors shown anywhere about the inability to add contacts either by import or by choosing the ‘Add Contact’ button which is totally non functional.

Unfortunately I had to change my Host last year because OC would not work on their server, and now I am wondering if there may be issues running NC on this host - which I am tied in to for the next 3 years.

As an aside - I came across NC whilst searching for a solution to a problem where a new clean version of OC 9 would not install at all - the installation process cold not connect to the database - so at least NC has let me get a little further.

Having looked at the links provided they appear to be relative to upgrades - whereas I am trying to do a clean install.

Any further assistance would be appreciated.

The issue with the contacts (not importing and the inability to create a new contact) seems to have rectified itself. (I say rectified itself because although I did nothing it now seems to work!!!)

But can someone please assist me in dealing with the Core Integrity error - none of the files listed were files not included in the download - so why the error, and how do I get rid of it???

Can you try to re-validate the code integrity to see if that helps?
If not, I’d download a new copy of nextcloud, upload the core/signatures.json and then rescan again.

Thanks Nick.

Here’s an update -
Last night I noticed there was a new version out (9.5.3) so I downloaded that and upgraded.
I still got a Code Integrity error - but this time for only one file.

I re-uploaded the file in question and re-scanned - but no joy.
So seeing your message I re-uploaded signatures.json and re-scanned - and now the message has gone.

So problem now seems solved - thank you, much appreciated.