Problems to include G-Mail Address in Mail

Hi everyone,
I’m a Nextcloud newbie - but so far loving it. Have installed it on my Synology and now slowly picking up pace.
Tried to set up my GMail Account in Nextcloud Mail yesterday. That didn’t work and I also received a security alert from Google telling me that a “non Google App” tried to access my e-mail account. That was a bit surprising for me since I am using many e-mail clients which are obviously also “non Google Apps” but do not trigger such an alert.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get my account running on Nextcloud?

Thanks a lot for your help and happy to have bekome part of the community.


Hi Ben

You have to allow access for other mail clients to read your Gmail messages…

Hope that helps…

Actually it was a bit harder to make it work. However it is described pretty good here:

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