Problems Spaming Activity Mails after Update (AD Group added or removed)

Hi Guys,

I updated our Nextcloud last week from Version 19 to 22.

After the Update from 21 to 22 there are hundrets of Activity Mails, which are sent to all LDAP Users.


Dear User,

There was some activity at https://Nextcloud Server/

  • An administrator added you to group “LDAP Usergroup” (Today at 10:32 AM)

After some time an Mail with the content, that this specific User was removed from this Group is sent.

What we did until now:

  • We disabled Activity Mails for Groupchanges in the settings.
  • After completely disabling the Activity Mails, those mails were stopped to, but that’s not the solution.
  • We checked the cron job, but it is still stock.
  • We enabled Debug logging, but there was also no clue, what could possibly cause this issue.

For now all mails from our Cloud are duped in a “Bad-queue” that our Users are not spammed internally.

Does anybody have the same issue or can give us an hunch how to get hold of the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Yours Fersn

Does anyone have anny sugestions for me?
The problem still exists on my nextcloud. :person_facepalming:

Same here.
Running version 23.0.
Getting spammed with emails saying users left or joined an LDAP group.

Still seeing the same behaviour running 23.0.2 on Ubuntu

Same issue for version 23.0.3, do you have any ideas on how to fix it?

Getting reports for one of the Nextcloud servers my company manages that users are getting similar emails. Getting removed from group “Domain Users” and then being added back, with about an hour difference between removing and adding. And at least 2 of the users, that reported timestamps, got the email at the same time, just 1 minute difference.

First, I’m curious if anyone found more info about the problem or even a fix?

My guess on this is that Nextcloud might have issues connecting/communicating with the DCs (LDAP) and can’t detect valid LDAP users at times. One thing I’d like to try is removing my second LDAP server from Nextcloud and add it as a Backup (Replica) Host on the Advanced tab for the other LDAP server, as I should’ve done from the start from what i read. Did anyone try this and still having problems?

Yes we have the same issue with that spam messages about that administrator added some one to “Domain Users” group or was removed from the same group. Messages can be received by the same user multiple times per day. E.g. at morning users getting notification about they was added to Domain Users, then 15min later get another message that they were removed, and one hour later again was added.

We have more that 50000 users in Active Direcotry, so users can be very angry about this messages. Our current solution is to disable any SMTP activity from Nextcloud servers, so no notification at all can be sent by it

Same issue here, with 22.1.1 and LDAP (not AD). The thing is that even users who have never signed in to Nextcloud get these e-mails - that’s just plain wrong.

So far disabling e-mail activity notifications seems to be helping, but it isn’t a solution to this by any means.

An administrator added you to group users
An administrator removed you from group users

So, we do have a group called users in our LDAP, but it has like 20 people in it, out of 40k+. Looking at users in Nextcloud it seems that everyone is in that group which seems to be some local group after all and something is messing with it.

Where can I disable activity emails? There is no unsubscribe link in the email.