Problems running Nextcloud with Kubernetes more than one pod in replica set

I’m deploying Nextcloud 18.0.0 using Kubernetes (k3s specifically), and I find that when I set the value of replicas in the Deployment config to a value greater than 1, Nextcloud pages fail to load properly. I see a popup that says the page is not loading correctly and it refreshes the page automatically. Is this a known issue? I doubt it matters for my low-traffic personal server, but I would still like to know why this fails.

i suppose you are using mysql or postgres as database right? concerning the nextcloud volumes, are they shared between the instances? have you set ingress cookies?

MySQL database. I thought volume mounts defined in the pod template in the deployment spec were always shared between replicas without explicitly specifying it. I have not set ingress cookies.

For the time being, I’ve taken down my k8s-deployed Nextcloud server, so I will not be able to quickly try suggestions, but it may still be helpful to hear ideas about what could be the problem.