Problems mostly felt in Talk maybe are related to LDAP?

Nextcloud: 25.0.6
Ubuntu: 20.04
PHP: 7.4

I have continued to have issues where the server grinds to a halt yet there are no indications of network or server resource congestion. I would toggle off some apps to see if they were offending and it always appears that turning off Talk and turning it back on again alleviates the problem… sometimes for a couple weeks sometimes only for a couple hours. I am now noticing that it seems to choke on looking up related LDAP users to existing conversations or even starting new ones; not everytime, just sometimes. At the same time I notice the users are not populating in other lookup areas like in a file sharing window or in the contact lookup on the toolbar. Maybe this is an issue with LDAP connectivity? I’m using OpenLDAP on a VM on the same subnet so the requests are not leaving the network. Anyone experience anything like this or have an idea of what I may do to improve the situation?