Problems installing Nextcloud. 32bit PHP environment, open_basedir

I am installing Nextcloud, but it gives me the following error right at first start:

It seems that this Nextcloud instance is running on a 32-bit PHP environment and the open_basedir has been configured in php.ini. This will lead to problems with files over 4 GB and is highly discouraged. Please remove the open_basedir setting within your php.ini or switch to 64-bit PHP.

If I ignore the error it works fine, but I notice that it fails with some apps.

NextCloudPi is a good option, but I need to install Nextcloud as a simple additional website.

If anyone knows that it can be done thank you very much.

I use Nextcloud on a 32-bit-system (Debian Buster). A few apps like OnlyOffice can not been used. I think i never get this error but yes it is the truth.

There is apparently no solution

It is only implemented for 64 bit