Problems connect Nextcloud over LDAP to AD

We have to AD-Groups, nextcloud_intern and nextcloud_extern.

Is it possible to connect with the LDAP-Userinterface to the AD and this to Groups?

On LDAP / USER / LDAP-Query i type in this:


But they will me not present any User.

And…sorry for my bad english…i use it not so often;-(.

I think (tho I’m no expert) that the users tab is for collecting users and the gruops is for filtering that collection… i think the settings int the “users” tab and the “groups” tab need to match. I got it to work that way anyway. For simple stuff i think you you just click on ‘nextcloud_intern’ and ‘nextcloud_extern’ - no need to build the string up yourself…

Have you got the basic connection working under “server”?
Can you see the groups you’ve created in AD?