Problems after update to loolwsd 3.4.0

Nextcloud version: 13.06
Collabora online connector app version: 3.0.4
LOOLWSD: 3.4.0 (git hash: c8a7a5c)
LOKit: Collabora Office 5.3-57 (git hash: 62b7f51)
We use a provider to host nextcloud, so I don’t know some of the other specifics.

Where to file bugs?

Before I start, where do I report bugs for collabora online/CODE? I found
but it has only 8 bugs reported in 2018? Is that really where people put the bugs?

What’s advertised

At it says that a lot of cool things are now integrated between nextcloud and collabora online/CODE, like a side bar for version management etc. In our cloud, many of the things don’t work.

Problem 1: Reverting versions from sidebar does not work properly

To reproduce:

  1. save a document a few times so nextloud has some versions of that document.
  2. open document in collabora, click file > show version history, the sidebar opens
  3. click on a saved version - the version is shown in collabora (works fine)
  4. click on the arrow to revert back to that version
  5. collabora closes, I see a nextcloud background with the error “Zugriff verboten (access denied), CSRF check failed”
  6. but the reverting of the document worked. If you open it again, you see the version that you reverted back to.

NB: the menu entry “show version history” is translated correctly to german: “Versionsgeschichte anzeigen”

Problem 2: Sharing from file menu does not work & menu item not translated

To reproduce:

  1. in a document in collabora, click file > share…
  2. nothing happens

also, the menu entry in my locale German should be “Teilen…” but it says “Share…” even though the other menu items are in German.

Problem 3: Inserting picture from nextcloud does not work & menu item not translated

To reproduce:

  1. open a document in collabora
  2. go to insert > Remote image
  3. pick a file, click ok
  4. picture is not inserted

Btw I was able to insert a picture from my local disk via insert > picture

Also, the translation of the menu item is missing, it says “Remote image” even though the other items are in German. Also, after clicking “Remote image”, it says “Insert graphic” at the top of the file picker, which should also be translated.

Problem 4: Page padding

We used collabora online for a few documents, with the version before 3.4.0, not sure which one that was. Then we updated to 3.4.0, and now the documents that we worked with before have no padding to the side of the document (the text starts right at the page border).
Also I thought it might have a different reason (not new version): sometimes I open a document locally and put it in web view mode. But when I save it in page view mode the page padding is still not as it should be.
New documents are fine.

Thanks for reading, and maybe you can tell me what to do and how we can make this software better!