Problème d'import agenda/problems importing ics-calendar


I’m brand new on nextcloud but I have problems to import 2 calendar in .ics.

When I imported it, it imported only a part of events, but not all of them. The problem was the same for both of the files. I tried to import it on Google Agenda, just to make a check, and everything was ok: all the events was there…

Could some of you please give me some clues to solve this problem?

Many thanks for your help !

as you don’t give out any more information about your setup and environment of your server it’s really difficult to help you.

so it’s up to you to search the forum for fitting clues on how to solve your problem

Yes for sure. Sorry.

Here are some details:

. I am using the host
. The calendar I’m trying to import is a file in .ics. I tried it with files generated from different app: Outlock office, CozyCloud, Ical and Google Agenda.
. I tried to import these files from a mac and a pc, and it didn’t worked.
. There are two different calendars: each with hundreds of events.

Thanks again :slight_smile: