Problem with woelkli installing apps

Hi, everybody.
Recently, I installed nextcloud, to use it to store my contacts, notes and calendar. When you create your new account, you can choose different cloud hosting services. I used woelkli, and it works fine. But I have a problem. I want to install the feed reader app and the bookmark app, but in the nextcloud-woelkli web interface, there is no option to install more apps anywhere.
Any solution? I have already searched in google and other forums but I can’t find anything…
Thank you very much

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well if they granted only those few apps - it’s their right to do so. you bought that package as it is.
if you want to extend it ask woelkli - sure they’re gonna grant you more apps. for more bucks.

if youre asking someone here for help to break their limitations … well… you know… it could be regarded as being against the law. just saying.

Thank you for your quick response. I think I explained my situation wrong (sorry for my English, I need a translator to help me).

Since a few years ago, I have been incorporating open source software in my work and in my daily life. Recently, I decided to look for alternatives to Google to store and sync contacts, calendar, etc, in Thunderbird and Android/Lineage OS.

I’m not an advanced computer user, and I don’t know any computer programming languages either. I usually set up my computer using tutorials and internet forums.

Searching the internet, I found this:
Using this and other tutorials, I installed Nextcloud, Davdroid, etc. When you create a Nextcloud account in the cloud, you choose a hosting service. I thought, “ok, woelkli is fine, go ahead”. Some time later, I read that it was possible to include other apps in Nextcloud, like Notes (which I installed in the smartphone), or News, to add feeds. But in this case, I didn’t see the possibility of installing this app in woelkli, and I don’t know if it’s possible or not, if a better account is needed, etc.

I insist. I don’t want to do anything illegal, no piracy, etc. From what you tell me, the free storage service offered by Woelkli with Nextcloud does not include the possibility of adding other apps. In some websites I have seen that it is possible to add new functions to Nextcloud, I just didn’t know that in some storage services this is not possible. My question was: am I doing something wrong? Why can’t I add this?

So, now my question is: as a “standard” computer user, what could be a good option to have nextcloud with some of these functions, without a high cost?

Thanks for your time and knowledge

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  • where did you install nextcloud, exactly?
  • why did you chose exactly woelkli? what did the trick for them?

in general you don’t need to cooperate with a cloud-provider as you could setup nextcloud at home, like on a raspberry (arm) computer. nextcloudpi would help you setting your hardware up correctly and with sane settings. plus you wouild be completely free to install whichever additional app you want to (because in general it IS possible to do that). only costs here: hardware (roundabout 35-40€, once) and some time, every once in a while (like updating and housekeeping, backupping and such).

IF you - on the other hand - don’t want to do such a thing you could signup with some of the given providers. like woelkli (swizz for cloud, i think)… usually those offer a free account with limited apps, limited space and limited users. if you want more apps/users/space/expand your instance you need to buy this service from them. there’s no legal way to twist that (even if it would be technically possible). it’s their way of doing their business.

i tried to find out what exactly offers in their packages but i would need to sign in… and i dont wanna do that so that i can’t help you here. so personally, for me, that behaviour and the fact that you can’t find out exactly what exactly those packages consists of would have kept me from using woelkli. regardless of where they promise to have their servers. but this is my personal point of view, only valid for me.

i hope i could help you a bit with writing a bit more…