Problem with the understanding "Exclude groups from sharing"

I’m working my way through the initial configuration on Nextcloud 16.
But now I have an problem with the understanding of one setting.
I have two main groups, _external and _internal, and some other groups for the use with groupfolders.
My plan was to prohibit the group _external from sharing via the setting “Exclude groups from sharing”.
At the first look this works well, but as soon as the users are also in another group they can share again. With the declaration “Members of excluded groups can still receive shares, but not create any” I thougt that the user, which are in the specified exclude group are not allowed to share generally, even if they are additionally in another group.
I expected that the right to prohibit shareing whights higher.
Have I misunderstood something?

Is there perhaps another way to implement the behavior?


Hello Axl,

I had got the same problem than you and i found this issue :

I tested with the proposed code where i replace true by false and false by true (i think there are a little bug in proposed code). And the exclusion works as than i’m waiting for (exclude sharing for people with at least one owned group in exclude field).

Except this trouble, NextCloud is very nice for my use case.Thanks for the NextCloud team

Same issues faced by me, exclude group from sharing not working.