Problem with space in /var/ & activity_expire_days


NC version is : 11.0.1 (stable)

after i change value in config file “‘activity_expire_days’ => 100,” my file size is still big. I wait 15 hours but nothing change.
Is there anyway how to make some manual cleanup of this file? I have very low storage because of it.

du -hs /var/lib/mysql/nextcloud/* | sort -rh | head -1
11G /var/lib/mysql/nextcloud/oc_activity.ibd

free space in /var is now only 150MB …

My NC is old and have new NC 20.x on new server already running but before shutdown old one i need give users some days to migrate data. That’s why i need to fix this :blush:

Is it safe to move folder to another disk and than just make symlink for directory? Will it work? I don’t want to brake production nextcloud instance.

Any suggestions?