Problem with Sharing a Folder

Disregard please. I’m an idiot, I’d rather not go into detail…

My Admin page says 11.0.0
Ubuntu 16.04
Apache 2.4.18
PHP 7.0
First time seeing this. Same behavior in IE11 and Firefox.

As Admin, I shared a folder with a user (also me). I logged out of Admin and logged back in as the user. In home directory, the folder I shared as Admin is visible but doesn’t show the shared icon, and the folder is empty.
However, when I click on the “Shared with You” link on the left, the page reloads and I see the shared folder and the contents are in the folder.

Has anyone seen this? Any thoughts on how to fix it?


Can you update to the latest version 11.0.1 and check your logfiles?
Is this external storage you were sharing?