Problem with Service after Hybernate

Hello, sorry, my english is not so perfect but i will try it.
I have a Problem.
My Nextcloud is Runnning on Ubuntu as a VM.
My Server goes down in Hybernate mode and when i start him the VM will start also…so no problem…but then the nextcloud is not available. I have to shutdown the VM and boot it again so there the nextcloud is working. It seems that the nexcloud service stopped after Hybernate.
Is it possible to start or check automatically the service for the nextcloud?
i hope youo understand what i mean
Thanks, kind regards Renate

Your post doesn’t show any details why NC VM could fail, so I can only suggest a sledgehammer method: script a reboot of your NC VM when the server resumes from sleep.

P.S. I don’t know your usage but I would not like a service with periodic outages because the server is doing power saving…

I recommend to login into the Nextcloud instance via console window from server and search in logfiles (/var/log/syslog, /var/log/apache/*) for the error.

Do test:

  • Does the network connection not work after resume anymore? - Can you do a ping from client?
  • does the Apache/NGINX server not work anymore?

and test the behavior:

  • Will a restart of network services help?
  • will a restart of the webserver services help?

Sorry i can not solve your problem. But because of SSD on modern systems you do not really need Hybernate (suspend to disk).

Hi @eilovliz

Maybe this is of any help…

And make sure your VM pauses properly before the host goes into hybernate mode. How you could do that, depends on the hypervisor you are using. And you normally have to install the guest utilities of your hypervisor on the guest OS inside the VM, in order for this to work properly.

I for myself don’t have any experience with hybernation on servers. And hybernate on servers is probably not a thing that too many people do, and even less on a hypervisor… I think you will have to google your way through and do some testing, in order to find the optimal configuration for your setup…

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thanks…i would give this a try