Problem with request for a Proof of concept

Hi, I’ve been trying to request a proof of concept (Request a proof of concept - Nextcloud) to have my team try the collaboration tools in Nextcloud hub.
I have filled the form an entered my email (a green check mark appears next to it), but the page keeps refusing to submit, prompting the error message “Please use a valid company email”.

I tried different emails, without success. I doubt that it can actually check whether it is a “company” email, and anyway I don’t even have one yet, since the company itself I work for, is in the process of being formed (hence we are looking into nextcloud).

Any idea on how to get a PoC then?

Thank you

@Daphne @jospoortvliet

Hello @mfrigerio17 , great to hear your team is interested in Nextcloud! There are some checks in the background happening, for example, it blocks gmail addresses. I’ll write you a 1:1 line.

Dear @Daphne

Hope this finds you well. We’re in a similar situation as @mfrigerio17. Our startup is letting many more people/businesses around the world, know about this wonderful product called Nextcloud, while offering to administer the instances for them.

We need a proof of concept, to show our prospective clients. We know our offering of this great service will be viable, but our mentor advised to follow the logical path of getting the orders first, before going on to setup the company and all that, that setting up a company entails. Hence we don’t have a business email yet.

Please can you write us a 1:1 line. Couldn’t figure out how to write you a 1:1 line, we could have written you one.

Thank you very much!