Problem with request for a Proof of concept

Hi, I’ve been trying to request a proof of concept (Request a proof of concept - Nextcloud) to have my team try the collaboration tools in Nextcloud hub.
I have filled the form an entered my email (a green check mark appears next to it), but the page keeps refusing to submit, prompting the error message “Please use a valid company email”.

I tried different emails, without success. I doubt that it can actually check whether it is a “company” email, and anyway I don’t even have one yet, since the company itself I work for, is in the process of being formed (hence we are looking into nextcloud).

Any idea on how to get a PoC then?

Thank you

@Daphne @jospoortvliet

Hello @mfrigerio17 , great to hear your team is interested in Nextcloud! There are some checks in the background happening, for example, it blocks gmail addresses. I’ll write you a 1:1 line.