Problem with Nextcloud in Firefox

I am pulling hair out here and hope someone can offer clarity to my issue.

I have 2 installations of Nextcloud 9.0.53 on the same server (different domains).

Installation 1 works when viewed in Chrome and Firefox.
Installation 2 however works in Chrome, but in Firefox the links (such as the drop downs in the top right corner, or access to admin in the top left) do not work - mouse over shows no link and clicking does nothing.

I have tried re-uploading the files 3 times, removing all cached files in Firefox etc - and still no joy.


Hi pewe,

I am sorry to hear about your problems with your two Nextcloud instances. Can you provide us some more details about your server (OS, PHP-version, Usage of TLS/SSL, …). Do you have some other vHost configuration on the two domains? This informations would help us to provide you a proper solution :wink:

Looking forward for your answer :sun_with_face:


Hi Marius.

Both domains/installations are running on an Apache (2.4) server running PHP 5.5. Neither have use of SSL at present.
I’m not sure how to confirm your query regarding VHost configuration.

Now I’m puzzled.

I decided to re-start Firefox in safe mode (no addons) and this time NC on the problem domain worked properly.
So I restarted Firefox normally (with addons) and it continues to work properly.

Not sure what happened - but all seems OK again (at least for now).


Do you by chance have an adblocker installed and is it possible you added your domain to the blacklist instead of whitelist; I did that once and it took me ages to find the mistake.

I do have adblocker installed.

As I mentioned earlier, disabling addons then re-enabling sorted the problem - so it could be that adblocker was an issue until I did that - but I’ll never know now as it is all working OK.

I made an account just to thank you for this. I was pulling my hair after the “plus” button in the Files tab was not working anymore. Disabled adblocker on my nextcloud page and it works now.
Thank you!

:ok_hand: My pleasure