Problem with Nextcloud App & Database (Home Network)

Hey Guys,
hope anyone can help me.

First my configuration:
intel NUC-PC (i5) with Windows Server 2016
Hyper-V Machine: CentOS7
Server: Apache
Database: MySQL
Internet Provider: Vodafone Kabel
Router: Fritz!Box 6490 Cable (Connected by ipv4&ipv6)
Wifi Repeater: Fritz!Box 7580 (Not able to use as Router, as bridged mode is disabled in Vodafone FW)

I Installed Nextcloud 11.0.1 to my CentOS 7 Virtual Machine.
Hyper-V Server connected by LAN to Fritz!Box 6490. (1GB/s)
As external Network in Nextcloud I use WD MyCloud 6TB NAS. There is the Main Storage for Files (also 1GB/s) connected to the Fritz!Box.

I installed SSL Certificate and activated Port-Forwarding to access my cloud from Internet.
So the way is: --CNAME-Record–>myfritz.adress:80/443–>nextcloud (internal IP)

So far so good. I’m able to connect to the cloud from Internal Network and external Network by Internet Browser.

But if i try to connect by Nextcloud-App (I really need that to work, as i love picture upload) it tells me “Installation not found” (I think that’s the correct translation; I’m sorry, I set up german Version).
Same thing when I connect directly to the 6490 Wifi. (Thought it was a DNS Problem by the 2 FritzBoxes, but as the 2nd one is set up as simple repeater, that shouldn’t be a problem.)

When I connect directly to the internal IP (in Home-Network) with Admin-Account i get secured Connection and see files. (with the App)
When I connect via internal IP to my User i don’t get any folders/files. I’m able to upload new files, but the files already there are not shown.

Does anyone has an idea, what i could test?

By the way i have a second problem. I got a folder named “Public Cloud” which I deleted Months ago, but it’s still shown as shared folder for the users. When i try to delete the share it fails. When i try to rename the folder in Internet-Browser it deletes it, as it is not available anymore, but if i log in again, it’s there again.

Maybe something wrong with my DataBase.

Also installed second Nextcloud with new User, new Database. Same thing --> Installation not found.

I really appreciate your Help,

greetings from Germany,


Hab das gleiche Problem. Könntest du bereits eine Lösung finden ?

Hi Eric,

Can you provide some logs? Maybe there is something in the nextcloud.log or the apache logs.

Best regards