Problem with login


Most of the time I get a message on the screen saying login is delayed for 30 seconds allthough i am sure the credentials are correct.
The loginscreen then just sits there and I am waiting and waiting until i get the next loginfailure.

Can one configure this timevalue and why does this happen?

Also my server is not one of the slowest but all actions are somewhat slowly with nextcloud.

Can I disable CSRF checks in the config and how?
Using the register-module and after the sent link was endorsed i get an internal server error.

Interner Serverfehler

Der Server konnte die Anfrage nicht fertig stellen.
Sollte dies erneut auftreten, senden Sie bitte die nachfolgenden technischen Einzelheiten an Ihren Server-Administrator.
Weitere Details können im Server-Protokoll gefunden werden.

Technische Details

  • Entfernte Adresse:
  • Anfragekennung: XgvQKtmdblyOoo6aP6MhhAAAAAQ

“url”:"/ncloud/index.php/apps/registration/verify/erlm3QwltP",“message”:{“Exception”:“OCP\Lock\LockedException”,“Message”:"“Photos/Nextcloud Community.jpg” is locked",“Code”:0,“Trace”:[{“file”:"/var/www/root/ncloud/lib/private/Files/View.php",“line”:2050…