Problem with linking - polish MacOs desktop client


I see that in polish version of translation there’s probably an error with linking to the website - this occurs while MacOs Desktop client is updated - I suppose this is a typo in code. See screenshot.



@Valdnet Could you please take over?

The Polish translation is correct. I don’t see any error. The problem may be in the application code itself.

For version 3.1.2 the message is changed to “New Nextcloud x.x is available. Please click here to download the update.” Also the problem may already be fixed.

@rakekniven Or maybe notifications do not support this code?


I’ve updated the client. I’ll let you know if the problem occur.

Thanks for your support.


Transifex looks good to me as well.

I am on 3.1.2 already on all clients and therefor cannot check with other languages :wink:


Unfortunately with update to 3.1.3 the problem occurred again.

See screenshot.


Hello polish group,

same thing happened using german client.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-23 um 19.23.30

Would you mind filing an issue at Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub ?

Did a quick search and could not find any related issue.

Maybe you?

Thank you.


@rakekniven Issue reported here: #2200 and #3005.
It turns out that in over eight months nothing has been corrected, just a text string changed.

@PS2021 Has been corrected in Commits. It may not be a fully expected change for us, but so far the developer has fixed it like that. When a new version comes out, let me know if it’s okay now.

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