Problem with folders

hello everyone I have a problem, I have installed nextcloud in truenas as a plugin and now that I link a general folder as an external disk I can only see it I create it in the root folder but the other folders that I have inside I can enter but in both directions the files that are created (if I create a file on the local network it is not seen in the same folder from nextcloud and if I create a file in the same folder from nextcloud it is not seen on the local network) does anyone know what may be happening all the folders have the www permission set.

Hi, not sure if I caught your problem, but I guess you are able to define an external storage path within the Menu ‘External Storage’ - the path/folder there is also available on your external disc. (Please check that the green confirmation hook appears and that you assigned a user e.g. minimum the admin of Nextcloud).
Users that have assigned access to this folder can see it and create files/folders within Nextcloud (their environment). Those files should be visible also locally on the external drive by the same user or admin.

Hello, I was reviewing the problem and it seems that it is due to a user who needs to assign permissions to the folder itself and I already put www but that is not because when I select @everyone there if the files appear on both sides, any ideas? because I can’t leave everyone with some users who are superior