Problem with First run wizard

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I’m on nextcloud 15.0.10 and can’t upgrade to 16 :
impossible to deactivate First run wizard !! it reactivates automatically
with occ app:disable = same problem

What can I do ?
Thank you vm.


What do you mean by first run wizard?

If you mean the first setup script it means that you didn’t finish the first setup properly and the file is in /var/scripts and is automatically run every time you login. If that’s the case, just remove the file and everything will be fine.

If you never ran the first setup, well, then I’m surprised it’s even working for you.

ok and sorry :
I mean the app “first run wizard”

with occ app:disable firstrunwizard = “firstrunwizard disabled”
But in my nextcloud admin pannel, the app is enabled, and impossible to run upgrade nextcloud 16.
Is it possible to modify tables in phpmyadmin panel ?
And what are the tables to modify ?
TVMuch !

The first run wizard is only shown the first time a user log in. Are you saying that it shows up every time you login, even if you logged in before?

screenshots below
each time the user logs in, he gets the screen (next.jpg) for 3 seconds, then the screen (2next.jpg) before he can click to delete this frame

Hmm, what does your browser console say? Any errors? (CTRL+SHIFT+K on FF I think)