Problem with files and user groups

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I have some problems with my nextcloud. I have 10 Users in a usergroup XYZ. Now i have a folder “abc” and the group XYZ is permitted to access this folder.

Now i upload some files. All users can access this files. This works fine.

But now the problem: i create a new user “user-11” and he is in the XYZ usergroup. If the new user account try to access a uploaded file he can’t open it with the following error (in this example i try to open a pdf file): PDF.js Version 1.4.20 (build: b15f335)
Message: Unexpected server response (0) while retrieving PDF “https://XXXXXX.XXXXXX/remote.php/webdav/XXXX/xxxx.pdf”.

But this only happens if the files is older than the user account.

For example: in the abc folder we have 3 files: 1.pdf (uploaded: 29.07.2017), 2.pdf (uploaded 30.07.2017) and 3.pdf (uploaded 01.08.2017). the user “user-11” created on 31.07.2017…

user-11 will be able to open 3.pdf, but not the other files (1.pdf and 2.pdf).

I’ve looked and searched the error message but i don’t get a solution for this problem - maybe you can help me?

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Do you use the encryption app? Is this only for PDF or every other files as well (which is directly downloaded and not opened in an app)?

Yes, the encryption app “Default encryption module” is enabled.

It is for all files, the .pdf in my examples could be .doc, .txt or other file formats.

if the user try to download the file i get the error:

Can’t read file
This file can not be read, it is a shared file. Please contact the owner of the file and ask to share it with you again.

Thank you for your answear :slight_smile:

Before it wasrequired to reshare content after a new user was added. I’am not sure if this is now limited to the case where no master key is used. But the error message was different as well, @bjoern can you help here?

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Can anyone help us?

Or do we need to share it any times after editing the user groups?

If you run only local storage and no external storage, there is no real benefit of the encryption app and you get a lot of problems like the one you have.