Problem with federated shares

I get the following Warning in the logs:
Warning filesystem
Storage wrapper ‘sharePermissions’ was not registered via the
’OC_Filesystem - preSetup’ hook which could cause potential problems.

I shared a public link and tried to include (mount) the shared files with another account on the same server. The other accounts got the share (notification), but i’m not able to open the shared files (pictures). If i try, my nextcloud gets unreachable, until i restart the php service.

There is still a lagacy system in place there. Which we are trying to get rid of ASAP.
So yet it will warn you. But nothing you can fix currently

Ah mmm unreachable nextcloud. That should not happen. Could you fill an issue on github with steps and logs?

Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m not able to reproduce it right now. If i can, i’ll file a an issue on github.

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